Alexander Millar - Old Tam

My favourite thing to do when I was a wee toe rag was to people watch. The way Old Tam my neighbour, would climb off his bike after a hard day at the pit, the way my Grannie would hobble along walking with a limp because of her bunions; the relationship between a father and a child as they walked together keeping dry EVERY CLOUD BIG FISH, LITTLE FISH under an umbrella; or how a wee dog would follow his master as he cycled his way to start his shift in the early hours of the morning. 

As for today, well nothing has changed. Practically every day I will have a cup of tea at a café in the middle of Newcastle and do the same thing I did when I was younger; people watch. I am still fascinated by the reaction and interactions of people as they go about their lives. Little do they know that what they get up to is sometimes turned into a work of art.  So thanks everyone for your inspiration!

Giclee On Paper
10" x 7"

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